The Huni Kuin

Huni Kuin means “the real people” – a name that aptly describes them, because their entire culture is connected to the rainforest. They have ancient knowledge about the healing power of plants and social cohesion; they live in harmony with nature and as inhabitants of the forest, they protect it most sustainably. 

Unfortunately, the history of the Huni Kuin is marked by great suffering, which begins with the first contact with Western civilization about a century ago and continues to this day: at that time they suffered forced labor, displacement and genocide. Today, it is mainly racism, poverty and human greed that threaten their lives and destroy their habitat. More and more pieces of forest are becoming victims of fire or are being cut down to make room for cattle and soy plantations.

One solution to save themselves and the forest is to acquire their own land. This is unusual, because indigenous peoples do not normally have private land ownership. The Huni Kuin do: they are one of the first indigenous Amazon peoples to have already purchased their own land. The Huni Kuin want to continue with this. By acquiring it, they are strengthening the association of indigenous territories that exist in the region.

We can help. And we can learn from them. On their Instagram channel, they give us very personal insights into their everyday life and culture.