The Project

With the “We are Huni Kuin“ project, we want to protect the forest and its inhabitants. In concrete terms, this means that we want to enable the Huni Kuin to buy about 16,000 hectares of land in Jordão. The land is located between the Huni Kuin’s land and uncontacted groups that are being pushed back from Peru to Brazil. The area will provide a protected home for both groups.

If we reach our fundraising goal, the Huni Kuin, Living Gaia, and their local supporters will reforest the portion of the land that (thankfully!) has not been heavily deforested to date. The farmland is surrounded by intact forests, so we hope that wildlife populations in this region will recover.

In addition, we would like to establish an intercultural center for dialogue and exchange, because it is time to reach out to each other. It is not only our lifestyle that drives developments in Brazil and ensures that man-made climate change has long been much more than an abstract threat. If we support the Huni Kuin, we give them, the rainforest and our earth a future. And if we listen to them, perhaps we will learn to see our world from a perspective that places the value of nature above profit and profit maximization.