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The Project

We are Huni Kuin.

In harmony with nature

Protecting and strengthening indigenous groups like the Huni Kuin also protects the rainforest. Because they live in harmony with nature and protect their habitat. In order to support the reforestation and conservation of the rainforest, Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling founded the association Living Gaia e.V. in 2013.

For over 25 years, the earth and the healing of the relationship between humans and the natural world have been close to our hearts.

An unwise choice

Since the election of a new government in 2018, the exploitation and destruction of Brazil’s rainforest has been actively supported through legislative changes and budget cuts for NGOs. Illegal deforestation in the Amazon for the benefit of commercial agriculture is simply tolerated.

Destruction and exploitation

As a result of forest destruction, the climate is warming, weather extremes are being felt around the world and are having a lasting impact on people and nature.

Forest fires in Brazil peaked in 2019. Every day, several thousand hectares of rainforest are lost. And with it our chance to live in harmony with nature.

Saving people and nature together

But with your help we want to buy up to 17.000 hectares of land from the community of Jordão next year to protect the forest and the inhabitants. With this we can protect the climate with the help of the Huni Kuin.

Huni Kuin

We are Huni Kuin.