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The Project

We are Huni Kuin.

In harmony with nature

Living Gaia e. V. encourages exchange between Indigenous Amazonian and non-Indigenous cultures. The non-profit association’s latest project gives the Huni Kuin, an indigenous people in the Brazilian state of Acre, a voice and supports them in protecting their homes – the Amazon rainforest.

It’s a cause of global significance, because standing up for indigenous groups like the Huni Kuin means contributing to the protection of the rainforest.

Brazil’s forests are on fire

The Amazon is the largest tropical rainforest on earth. But the green lungs of our planet are under threat. In the past years there have been more forest fires than ever before and every day several thousand hectares of forest are being lost. The consequences: More and more animal species are becoming extinct, the global climate is warming and regional weather extremes are becoming more frequent.

The situation is getting worse

As satellite images show, it was so far the areas inhabited by indigenous people that experienced little deforestation. This has changed since the change of government in 2018.

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro is opening the forest to exploitation and tolerating illegal deforestation in favor of commercial farming and organized crime. The habitat of the Huni Kuin is in danger.

It is not too late yet

We can do something: The best way to protect the Huni Kuin and their home, the rainforest, is through private land purchases. With your donation, the Huni Kuin will be able to acquire land in the community of Jordão with a locally founded association and create a real protected area for the forest and its inhabitants. The first purchase concerns an area of 17.000 hectares.

Huni Kuin

We are Huni Kuin.


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